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MRB Use cases

MRB can be used as a navigation system and thanks to its advanced AR audio system, it can even be used by visually impaired people. Guidance can be done by using a 3D HRTF-based audio pointer and navigation can be enhanced through environnemental audio. MRB is the first navigator to embed in it a personnal navigation system based on pedestrian dead reckoning technology. This feature allows MRB to be used for both indoor and outdoor navigation


Remote Guidance

MRB can be used as a remote operator console to guide people. This is particularly useful in AR mobile remote maintenance application and and to provide assistance to visually impaired people. In this case, MRB can be used as a personnal call center.

GIS-OSM Querying

MRB can be used to query OpenstreetMap-based geographical and semantic data. This is particularly useful to help visually impaired people to reorient themselves in an openspace or in a building.

ARA Authoring

MRB can be used for mobile mixing, i.e. Augmented reality Audio authoring. 3d Sound souces can be seen see-through and theirs paramaters adjusted in real-time.

POIs XML Formats

MRB can be used to validate proposals for POIs format as discussed in the POI W3C working group.