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proposed membership program

v1: Dec 14 2010 / Mtn View + Air Mozilla
v2: Jan 11 2011 / blog post slidecast


Mozilla Camp, Whistler, July 2010

Vision: clear, simple program where millions of people can identify and connect with Mozilla.

A part of Whistler commitment to grow supporters and community by 1000x.

Builds user engagement and donations programs that we’re already running.


One Web Day, September 2010


Firefox cosplay

Join Mozilla

Svitlana, One Web Day

Join Mozilla:
an easy way for
people to connect.

Help them understand.
Show their support.
Feel they belong.


I <3 Firefox

Brand affinity for Firefox.

Bigger base to back (and grow): 50k Mozillians who donate time.

Fund programs (e.g. Drumbeat) = new tools and innovation.

Mozilla as something bigger.

Program Details

Web Copy

Copy we’re considering for sign up page:

We’re a non-profit organization who believes the web should be free, open, accessible, transparent, safe and - most of all - a force for the good of humanity.

We’re the proud makers of Firefox and, every day, we strive to make the Web better. It’s our hood to protect and nurture, after all.

Protect the Web. Join Mozilla!


What it’s not!


A fan club
for Firefox.

A new governance
system for Mozilla.

A contributor community
(we have that, it’s awesome!).

We need help!

Mozilla Community Worldwide

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