Global Competitive Cluster Minalogic

Autonomy project

 Duration:  Two years 2/2010 -- 2/2012

  . Company: ST Micro, ST-Ericsson, EADS
  . Research: INRIA (41%HM), UJF(LIG)
  . Local IT companies: Ives, Raisonance
  . Local transport companies: Semitag, Metro
  . Telecom provider: Orange

 Budget: 1960Keuros

 Goal: Global indoor-outdoor localization and navigation system on mobile 
       for ill-seeing people based on:
       Enhanced GPS, Zigbee-CSS network and Inertial sensors

 WAM-INRIA Research in Autonomy (72 Man-Months)
   . XML Language (navIndoor)for indoor navigation 
   . Tools for navIndoor
   . ARA authoring (mobile mixing)
   . Pedestrian routing with accessibility analysis 
   . Interactive Auditory Display 

A presentation given at Foss4g in Tokyo (November 2011)

INRIA / WAM Research Project