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Project WAM was closed in December 2012.
Project Tyrex was created as a follow-up.
Please refer to Tyrex to get the latest information.

This page is no longer updated.
It is provided as historical background.

In this page: Amaya | LimSee3 | XML Reasoning Solver | Timesheets Library | ARIA | Mixed Reality Browser


An Open Source web editor developed jointly with W3C to ease editing, publishing and sharing complex web pages containing text (in HTML, XHTML), graphics (in SVG) and mathematical expressions (in MathML), with style sheets (in CSS).


A multimedia authoring tool that aims at flexibility and easiness of use through an advanced multimedia document model based on templates.

XML Reasoning Solver

A tool for the static analysis of XPath queries and XML schemas based on the latest theoretical advances. The tool allows to solve many fundamental XML problems such as satisfiability of XPath expressions in the presence of XML schemas, containment and equivalence of XPath expressions, and many other problems that can be formulated with XPath expressions and schemas like DTDs, XML Schemas, and Relax NGs.

Timesheets Library

A timesheet scheduler implementing (in JavaScript) the SMIL Timing and Synchronization module and the SMIL Timesheets specification. This allows HTML5 pages to be animated and synchronized in a declarative way. See examples at ENS Lyon (in French).

The synchronization engine is complemented by a WYSIWYG, Mozilla-based, multimedia page authoring tool for HTML5 documents synchronized by timesheets.

Augmented Reality Audio

The basic difference between real and virtual sound environments is that virtual sounds are originating from another environment or are artificially created, whereas the real sounds are the natural existing sounds in the user’s own environment. Augmented Reality Audio combines these aspects in a way where real and virtual sound scenes are mixed so that virtual sounds are perceived as an extension or a complement to the natural ones. An XML language for Interactive Augmented Reality Audio audio and its corresponding iOS audio engine has been implemented.

Mixed Reality Browser

A POI (Points of Interest) browser running on the iPhone. It may use live images of the real world (Augmented Reality) or recorded panorama pictures (Augmented Virtuality) to display POIs in context. Multimedia data (in HTML5) associated with POIs are also displayed in context.